Whats on the bench??

Discussion in 'HHH Custom Knives' started by HHH Knives, Sep 28, 2018.

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    FEATHER GOODNESS thats what!

    Working on this 300mm cheffy and a awesome matching Nakiri.

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    I changed the tip and blade profile on the chef a little. Making it a K tip to match the mid sized blade!

    These 3 are up for grabs so if ya like one or all hit me up!

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    First of the 3 I been workin on with our Explosion pattern Damascus! Mokume rain drop 3 color pattern, front cap and Exceptionally beautiful Honduran rosewood burl handle.
    Available, message me for info in chat
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    I dub thee "Little Chef"

    A few more pics on a nicer backdrop

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    Breathtaking!!! :cool:
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