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WTB = Good condition Suji, 270/300

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Aug 15, 2011
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Anyone got a suji they wish to move, any steel is fine, western handle preferred but wa is OK, 270 preferred but would consider a 300.

Im looking for a basic knife, nothing to fancy. The only thing is that im really looking for a knife that has maybe been bought for home use and not been used to much, no offence to the chefs but im not looking for a beater from a pro kitchen.

I dont have a suji right now and just want something to play with before investing more money into something new from Jon or a maker.


I have a Fujiwara FKH 270 I like a lot but never use. Bought a year ago, forced a patina, thinned and sharpened a few times for fun.
Interested? Send me a PM.
Regards, Bernard