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WTB WTB Shig kitaeji gyuto 210 or 240

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May 13, 2016
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If anyone has an interest in releasing a shig kitaeji gyuto in 210 or 240 send me a note. New or light use preferred..from what i can see the market for these is around $1000 plus or minus a few hundred depending on length and condition. Thanks!
One BNIB 210 was just sold for 1350 including shipping and kiri box.
Yea.. thanks.. I figure thats a somewhat realistic price.. given its BNIB.. shipping etc... I will be happy to discuss end price with anyone who feels like separating themselves from one.
That was a Western handle version which is always more expensive.

"That was a Western handle version which is always more expensive."

Agreed.. Thanks for the reminder.. I am basically only interested in the Wa handle
I think you're in the right ball park at +/-$1K for a new or like new Wa version
That was a Western handle version which is always more expensive.
A guy with user name naperville9999 has been selling Shigefusa's like crazy on eBay lately. He sold a 210 kitaeji today for $1,350---with a wa handle. Where was the western handle listed?
You're right, my bad. Couldn't see the knife clearly in the thumbnail. Certainly some odd listing and relisting activity.
A 240 kitaeji was recently listed at a retailer for over US$1,000. Not sure how the secondary market is atm.

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