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Bought WTB: Sukenari 240mm HAP40 or YXR7 K-Tip Gyuto (Hairline)

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Sep 26, 2017
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Kind of a long shot, but if anyone's got a k-tip 240 Sukenari hairline in HAP40 or YXR7, I'd be interested in picking one up. I just missed the HAP40 during MTC's last knife sale and they're sold out everywhere.
Nice! I'm really hoping to get the k-tip version though, as I'm looking for a flatter profile. Curious to hear more about the steel though!

Where? Everything's showing that it's out of stock, but I might be missing something.
Sorry my bad, miss the K-tip part, they only have regular gyuto in stock.
Purchased! Thanks to KKF and bbrooks008 for helping me source the HAP40 k-tip. Somewhat surprisingly, I think my 270 non-k-tip Sukenari gyuto has a larger flat spot to chop with than this 240. Apart from that, it seems to be just what I was hoping for. Very excited to put it through its paces.