(WTS) 2 pieces set. or make it a 3 piece w fries! (WTS)

Discussion in 'HHH Custom Knives' started by HHH Knives, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Good morning my fellow knife nuts! So today I have a few that are for sale.

    2 knife set..
    Blades are High carbon damascus. "HHH Explosion" Very tight and amazing pattern.
    Heat treated to a Rockwell of 61. Rounded spines and choils.

    Chef : 233mm tip to heel. 58mm tall at heel. 2.5mm thick above heel tapering to tip.
    Petty: 180mm tip to heel. 40mm tall at heel. 2.5mm thick above heel tapering to tip.

    Handles are full tang modified Wa style. Spalted stabilized curly maple. (from Craig Stevens Studio)
    Amazing deep curl throughout on both sets. Hard to capture in a picture but I tried! Greenish blueish awesomeish coloring.. Copper pins and single center mosaic in copper and brass combo.

    Make it a 3 Piece with fries!
    Little Chef:
    Blade is matching High carbon mosaic damascus. RC 61
    Blade measures approx 125mm tip to heel and is 44mm tall at heel. 2.5mm thick above heel tapering to tip.
    Handle on this one is a Wa with 3 color Mokume front cap and amazing OMGoodness piece of Honduran rosewood burl.

    Where are the fries you might ask?? I will make a custom Saya and pin for this Little Chef as the fries to round out this 3 piece set!! Materials my choice to match..

    OK so I will price this out as a 2 piece set. and price the Little chef as a stand alone knife. Then do the 3 piece and fries price.. ;)

    Who is havin more fun then we are over here???

    2 piece set is SOLD

    Lil Chef is SOLD Without Saya.

    3 Piece with fries. SOLD To include all 3 and a custom saya for the Lil chef.

    Here are some images and video links to them all. Please note that the saya will have to made for the Lil Chef and will add 2 days from time of purchase to the shipping date.

    Better lighting to show off the figure and color of the scales!!

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] IMG_2441 (1280x856).jpg IMG_2444 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2446 (1280x967).jpg IMG_2448 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2393 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2403 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2407 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2408 (1280x960).jpg

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    a few more images of the Lil Chef! Its such a cool lookin little cutter!!

    IMG_2412 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2413 (1280x960).jpg IMG_2423 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2424 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2425 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2426 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2427 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2428 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2429 (960x1280).jpg IMG_2431 (960x1280).jpg
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    Beautiful work as always, Randy! That mosaic pattern is awesome and you always position and orient the pattern so beautifully on the blade profile which some people don't do.

    I think there's a typo on the little chef dimensions, should be 148 mm long, right?
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    Thanks for pointing out the typo. Its actually approx 125mm tip to heel. Made the change.

    I also Thank you for the kind comments. I do take extra care an both the pattern on the blade as well as the handle materials and how they work both with the steel and blade shape and overall flow of the piece!!

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    Price drop. And update.
    These have been posted to my web page.

    I plan to start posting any available pieces there from now on. (I will also post pics and alerts here on the forum)

    www.hhhcustomknives.com will get ya to the web site.

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    The combination of handle shape, color, and blade pattern work really well together in that set. Nice work!

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