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Sep 23, 2017
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Ok, I'm going to embarrass myself here by putting out an impossible WTB, but seeing as how strange times are right now, I figure I may as well take a shot :)

I'm looking for a Kato damascus gyuto, preferably 240ish and unused. Honestly, I'm just tired of trying to collect expensive Japanese unicorn knives and just want to have "One Kato to Rule Them All" so I can be over and done with chasing them already :D

As trade bait, I have a number of other Katos, several Dalman honyakis (actually, I have a lot of Dalmans in general as I love Robin's work, so if that's of interest, let me know), a couple of Shig westerns (though on the smaller side), and a smattering of spiffy high-end western makers (DT, Rader, Billipp, etc.). I have a decent set of Konosukes as well.

My collection is on the eclectic side, so if anyone is interested at all in letting go of a unicorn, hopefully there's enough variety in my kit to entice you with some kind of package deal ;) Or cash... cash is king after all :D

I'm happy to send pictures via pm, as well as entertain questions and offers. (I'm not looking to sell per se at the moment.) In the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy amidst this coronavirus apocalypse :)