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Traded /WTT Mutsumi Hinoura AS 240mm gyuto

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Dec 28, 2020
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I bought this knife around 3.5 months ago from here:

The previous/original owner bought the knife from Cleancut, sharpened it once, and briefly used it. I have used it for several meals, and I have stropped it on leather with 1um diamond spray and on stones. I have not done a full sharpening progression on it, only touched it up a couple of times with a few edge leading strokes.

There is a slight issue with the knife, but it isn’t bad at all. I talk about the issue a bit on this thread:
https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/overgrind-or-something-else-what-to-do.58339/To summarize and add a little bit, the knife has a small hole in the edge (small frowny face in the profile), but I have not noticed it while using this knife. I have attached a picture of the hole in the edge. It really isn’t bad, and it should come out somewhat easily in sharpening.

The kasumi part of the stainless cladding has some light scratches. I tried to show this in the pictures.

This knife is nice and thin behind the edge, and it performs well. There isn’t a lot of distal taper, but the tip still gets pretty thin.

Here are some specs (length/height/thickness measurements were taken with a ruler, so they might not be super accurate):
Length: 245mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 226g
Spine thickness at the handle/heel/1/2 way/1cm from tip: 4.5mm/3mm/2mm/1mm or just under 1mm
Core steel: Aogami Super
Cladding: stainless
Handle: Macassar Ebony

Price: $240 PayPal G&S shipped CONUS

Let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested for a lower price.

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Bump. Let me know if you are interested for a lower price.
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Cropped/zoomed in choil shot bump

Price drop to $270 shipped CONUS.
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Let me know if you would interested for a lower price or if you would be interested if I fixed the small hole in the profile (and thinned if necessary).
These are very nice knives, well worth their retail value and a substantial bargain at this price. GLWS
Thank you! I thought that the price that I paid was a deal, and I want to offer a similarly good price.
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Let me know if you are interested for a lower price.

I have attached current photos of the knife at the end of this post.

Here is some more information about the small hole in the edge, if that is causing concern and preventing you from wanting this knife. It is really minor. I haven’t noticed it in use. I only found it because the edge bevel size was smaller in that area compared to the surrounding area when I touched up the edge. When I visited Portland Knife House around a year ago, I was looking at their M. Hinoura AS gyutos, and 2 out of the 3 that I looked at had similar, small holes in the edge, so the small hole in the edge isn’t too uncommon for this line of knives (based on what I have seen).