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SOLD /WTT Tanaka x Yohei - White #1 Kasumi - 240mm Gyuto

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Logan A.

KKF Hobbyist
Jan 21, 2021
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Price: $320 shipped Conus

Also willing to trade +- cash for:

-270/300mm Takada Suiboku Sujihiki
-270/300mm Konosuke FM Sujihiki
-Jiro Nakiri

I bought this on BST and have since or emoved the patina and oiled it up. The knife has been sharpened once and used a couple of times to see how it performs (it’s awesome btw). I need to sell this because I made an impulse buy that I would like to cover. This is a great laser for someone looking to try one, and there’s of course nothing but praise for the Tanaka heat treat.

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら (一片)
Smith: Tanaka田中
Sharpener: Yohei 与平
Profile: Gyuto
Edge Steel: White #1 (Shirogami)
Steel Type: Carbon
Cladding: Soft Iron
Bevel: Double
Bevel Symmetry: 50/50
Handle: Cherry Wood Wa
Total Length: 386mm
Edge Length: 226mm
Spine Length: 240mm
Blade Height: 49mm
Thickness at Spine: 2.6mm
Thickness ½ way: 1.9mm
Thickness ~1cm from Tip: 0.9mm
Handle Length: 145mm
Weight: 160g


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