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WTT WTT Toyama, Mizuno, Konosuke HD, Takeda

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Feb 16, 2020
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This is my first WTT ad, please go easy on me. Long time stalker, first time poster.

Have several knives I've collected through the years from either KKF, or retail stores in the US and would like to trade. I'm looking for mostly a nice cleaver to round off my current rotation. Also will consider a deba, or gyutos that are no more than 240mm. I would like a non traditional Japanese steel, something modern like magnacut, spicy white, etc. I like nice custom handles. Let me know what you got, i can always add cash on my end as well!

Top to bottom.
1. Maker: Konosuke
Steel: HD2 Mono Steel Construction
Blade length heel to tip: 236mm
Weight: 196g
Bought on KKF, New never used, has some spotting on the blade
Trade value: $350 Reduced to $300

2. Maker: Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series
Steel: Blue 2
Blade length heel to tip: 227mm
Weight: 236g
Bought on KKF, New never used, has some rubbing on Kasumi
Trade value: $550 Reduced to $500

3. Maker: Shosui Takeda
Steel: Aogami Super
Blade length heel to tip: 240mm
Weight: 169g
New never used, purchased from Carbon
Trade value: $380 Traded

4. Maker: Toyama Noborikoi Kasumi Ironclad
Steel: Aogami
Blade length heel to tip: 275mm
Weight: 335g
Purchased used from KKF. I don't know the entire history of the knife, but looks like it was used very little, doesn't ever look like it was sharpened or thinned, there is some staining on the cladding.
Trade value: $Traded

If you would like any more specs or photos, let me know!



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