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SOLD Yamamoto 240 AS & Old Hickory regrinds

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Jan 15, 2020
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Hey all,

I’m finishing up the last few things for my purge. Prices are shipped CONUS. I can give you a deal on both.

Yamamoto 240mm Iron Damascus Clad Aogami Super 241x51x3m

I had this ready for a trade awhile back and…dropped it on concrete taking additional photos for the recipient. It lost a few mm’s in a lot of places, so I reground it slowly over a long period. A lot of short sessions here and there before giving up. I ended up finishing it today in an effort to finish clearing out.

The grind is convex with a righty bias. Profile is a continuous gentle curve with a small flat spot at the heel. I started with files and finished on stones, then sanded it to 1000 and hit it with finger stones for contrast. The handle was previously used on another knife and has a couple scratches. I can install it for you before shipping.

19ECD356-5DD2-4162-96D3-C99758B911FB.jpeg 54746023-5757-450D-9C35-6521AED7E358.jpeg AA843863-76E3-45BE-90E0-4D43F87827DF.jpeg A0EF6AE4-0E9F-4E93-B748-9831B79AA32B.jpeg 40301109-2571-4F5A-8A49-6D7781157CF3.jpeg

$225 or $200 no handle

Old Hickory 10 Chef’s 255x45x2mm

I’ve had this up a couple of times, but didn’t feel like bumping the threads after the bigger items sold. It’s in the same condition and has been stored and unused. There’s a crack in the handle that needs to be sealed or replaced before use.

F44FDC6C-883A-4645-8250-4A5142D0825A.jpeg 9F9268D5-035A-4148-9C77-A3E5B585C677.jpeg D26845F4-BED6-44C3-9A19-434067A5BDE1.jpeg

$80 shipped CONUS

Thank you
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