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Hi there everyone..
I'm Ren, a new member, glad finally i kinda sorted out on how to interact with everyone here.
I'm a line cook, a freehand sharpener and handle maker (japanese traditional style wood handle).
I'm here to discuss about Japanese Knives and everything that related to it. There are so much thing that i need to learn and it is a pleasure to learn from you guys here.
Hello. I saw you that might be an owner of the Nihei SLD Nashiji Bunka 165mm. If so, I would like to ask your opinion of it. Thank you! Marc
I have an Instagram of my food photography and some interesting recipe's, please follow me if you're interested. @the_copper_pan_cook

Hi Greg, The Masashi is the 150mm SLD gyuto from Knifewear. Cool little knife but I prefer my GG 180 gyuto for tight catering work. Gotta a couple others that have expressed interest. I've asked the first one to let me know by morning. I''m asking $125 for it.
Thanks Dave for the note- bit short for me- I’ll pass:).
People who ask for and receive a kanji reading who do not acknowledge, will be ignored in the future.