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You can’t use a regular deba can you? I see a Shig kitaeji for sale $1250
No I need it lefty :(
It’s a French website anyway, can’t tell what I’d be paying, lol
Did you know that Pablo Escobar had a son that was secretly kidnapped as a baby and adopted/raised by a British Intelligence MI6 officer to later be used as a pawn to help leverage deals against him?
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This is the most interesting profile post I've seen in a while. Hmm.
I was sure it would catch people's attention. This area is always so dead.
Hi there. I would like to purchase the oiled version should it still be available. I live in Denmark.

Kind regards,
Hi there,

I'm interested in the Shibata Kotetsu 240mm gyuto. Just was wondering if you'd be willing to post to Europe if I cover the postage costs?


Hi Max,

I once shipped a knife to JNS and it was returned to me by the carrier after a month because it can’t be shipped in Denmark. Which country are you in? Do you have any experience in receiving a knife from the US in the past that I can learn from?


I've actually found another option for this knife now which works out cheaper as it's not from the US. However, yes I have had knives shipped in from the US before and it seemed fairly straight forward from my perspective - just had to pay import duty when it arrived...But there may be additional paperwork required from the sender.


I bought my R2 Kurosaki from Japanny. Reliable but a bit expensive. You may consider this very similar knife. Kurosaki fujin
It comes from a Dutch web shop. They are legit.
You should know that at the moment (covid) international shipping can be an issue.
Hi there everyone..
I'm Ren, a new member, glad finally i kinda sorted out on how to interact with everyone here.
I'm a line cook, a freehand sharpener and handle maker (japanese traditional style wood handle).
I'm here to discuss about Japanese Knives and everything that related to it. There are so much thing that i need to learn and it is a pleasure to learn from you guys here.
Hello. I saw you that might be an owner of the Nihei SLD Nashiji Bunka 165mm. If so, I would like to ask your opinion of it. Thank you! Marc
I have an Instagram of my food photography and some interesting recipe's, please follow me if you're interested. @the_copper_pan_cook