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kinda interested in that Doi if youd split the package? was it just a thicc knife originally or has it had some use and needs a thinning?
Steve also mentioned that he is currently building 3 fillet knive (52100 steel) for Chef Knives To Go. So, you may want to check with Mark at CKTG to get notified when they arrive.
Hi,nice to see your name pop up. Hope all’s well I realized you were t at Mtc the last I ever I went there.

I’m wondering if you’re interested in doing any private sharpening? I have about a half dozen knives that could use a bit of attention. I live in Brooklyn and have a car so I can get them to you.
Hey, I'm not doing the sharpening for others any more. Maaaybe in the future, but I'm trying to keep my personal time to me for now.
I am not the first owner. When I received it, the finish was grey/black without noticeable orange/reddish coloration. I don't know whether a new one would have this color. Would the red clay be "burned in" the steel and still be red? Hoa
Hey oxox, Ich bekomme das Kemadi von Matus, sollte in ein paar Tagen bei mir sein. Ich gebe es dann noch für 7 Tage an einen Freund weiter, also denke ich, dass du in 3-4 Wochen damit rechnen kannst. Könntest du mir bitte noch deine Adresse mitteilen? Danke. LG Mathias
You can’t use a regular deba can you? I see a Shig kitaeji for sale $1250
No I need it lefty :(
It’s a French website anyway, can’t tell what I’d be paying, lol
My mentor, my inspiration...