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Thread: Cool paring/fruit knife with Saya

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    Cool paring/fruit knife with Saya

    I was just browsing on the Korin site, and came across these paring/fruit knives hidden in the Kitchenware page, I haven't noticed these before, but they look like a good buy for the price. I haven't seen many Wa handled paring knives and these come with a wooden saya also, thought I'd share for those interested
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    Thank you for posting about the fruit knives. They have a regular Western handle, but as you mentioned also come with a saya cover. They work pretty well for a little $8 knife. We also recently got the Misono fruit knife which is awesome and growing popular. You can resharpen it like any other paring knife and its $25.

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    I might be wrong, but wouldn't these make good steak knives? You could get 6 for about $50.
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    My thought exactly!

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    Maybe?? I'm not sure. Its not serrated though, but if they don't have to be serrated it would work.

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    I absolutely love my Misono fruit knife. It's the most used knife in my house!

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    I absolutely love my Misono fruit knife. It's the most used knife in my house!

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