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Thread: Gallery- Martell Knives

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    Sweet. Love that combination!

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    My suji arrived today and WOW, this thing is incredible. I did not get a chance to cut anything yet as I just rolled into my new home last night at 1am and I'm still getting situated but I was able to gawk over it for a few minutes. The f&f is great, the blade is as thin as it should be without feeling whippy and the handle is beautiful. I'm so excited right now and can't wait to test this thing out!

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    I'm glad you like it Kyle.

    How's the new house?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Thanks for the kind and encouarging words everyone.

    @Bryan, I've finally got way on your handle build up and I'm feeling good about this.
    Good feelings are, well, good! I'm liking the sound of that Dave. I have this awesome new kitchen and awesome people, with awesome food and awesome ambiance ... I just need one more awesome thing and I might fully be in heaven

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    Here is Bryan G's 300mm western sujihiki in O-1. The handle is made from red linen micarta, the bolster is black canvas micarta, the pins are black linen micarta, and the liners black G10.

    Bryan gave me just a couple of things he wanted in this knife, he was looking for a finger notch to be carved into the choil and the handle should be red with black. You would think that doing a basic red n black handle would be simple but getting red is always a problem. There's lots of red materials out there but most are either pink(ish) or just plain crap - I bought them all for this knife so I should know. In the end I finally scored this block of red linen micarta which out of the box looked brown and all up until the final finishing appeared that it would be pink so needless to say I was freaking out. The end results could not have been better though as it's very red in person and the material is top notch stuff. Since this knife will be used in a professional kitchen I believe tist choice of handle materials to be a perfect solution.

    Here ya go's on it's way to you tomorrow. Special thanks to you and Mrs. G for all your support & patience here.
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    That looks Awesome. I like the black pins.

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    Outstanding work Dave!

    The black pins work well, love the red linen.

    There are some neat commercial runs of micartas out there, some are limited batches.

    I have a Dozier utility/hunter knife made up in Amber Ale that I think is the cat's azz.

    And if you ever happen to stumble across any supply of the old Westinghouse stuff (long discontinued, plant shut down), particularly the ivory and yellow golds-- gobble it up!

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    Thank you Dave for your work and focus on getting the material. It's going to be nice next to the Spalted Blue Maple Hiro. Next time I'll leave everything up to you, even the color combinations
    Thank you again for altering your original choil design for me. It's going to make a huge difference to me in the kitchen with my technique and everything I will use it for, I mean EVERYTHING, literally going to use it for everything.

    Kind Regards


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    Bryan I'm really happy that you like it and hope that it serves you well for a long long time to come.

    I have to comment that I just looked at the pictures on my wife's PC (better LED monitor) and the handle looked pink(ish) but let me assure you that it's all red in person, maybe light red - but red none the less!!!

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    Nice work! The etching also came out really well on that one.

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