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Thread: Introducing Japanese Knife Society

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    Ok now I'm hungry... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    The video with blowfish is better... Can see just so much care about the fish there, if you could say that...
    What blowfish video? Is there a link?

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    I like the last video. One question about cutting fish for sushi as shown in the second part of the video...

    Do you maintain the same angle for the entire cut? One chef explained to me that he cuts it in a slight curve so each piece is slightly curved. I guess you can imagine that he cuts the fish to match the curve of the back of the yanagiba. (I'm not saying thats the amount of curve he uses, just to show you what direction of curve I am talking about).

    Just wondering is this common?

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    The angle is maintained for the cut except at the end, where the angle is changed to create a nice edge

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    Very nice knife skills on the chives and cucumber - I really liked the view of placement of the chef's hands and grip on the knife. Thanks, Jon!

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    Thanks again for sharing with us the knowledge of these videos. I've been watching them non-stop and it is quite amazing just how much finesse these guys have when it comes to filleting fish. They make it look so easy but I know from experience that it is not, just ask Scott after I "butchered" some salmon of his. I've also watched your sharpening single bevel video a few times as well, gearing myself up to sharpen my Yoshihiro.
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