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Knives and Stones
270mm Butch Harner Kiritsuke-Tip Gyuto
100 yr old Henk 102-10
Yoshihiro 300mm Takobiki
Kanehiro 150mm petty
Suisin Inox 210 kamagata usuba
ITK bread
Butch Harner 180mm Nakiri in CMP154
Marko Tsourkan 150mm Honesuki
Toji 300mm Yanagi w/ mhenry turd handle
Ancient Dexter boner
Clauss Bread
240mm Itinomonn V2 Stainless Clad Gyuto
150mm Shig Petty
Ontario Boner

many more....some not worth mentioning
King stones for now, but upgrading soon


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