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A Laser Zwilling Kramer Damascus? Regrinding & Etching
Looks like someone is excited to post on BST...
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Heh, welcome! Fyi, the mods discourage bulk posting to get on BST, and they might reset your post count to zero when they notice. The point of the 50 message thing is to ensure that people have been around and contributed content-full messages for a little bit. But glad you’re into BST. It’s a really wonderful venue. 👍
Post count = 3, I was feeling generous as I normally default to 1. Merry Christmas and/or happy Hanukkah
Thank you man👍
I will stop now didn't know...
I have invented this term: "pizza slice gyutos"

Used to describe knives that are shaped like literal triangles (hence pizza slices), like the new Mazaki profiles, some of Troopah knives' stuff, etc. You know what I mean.

Pizza Slice Gyutos

stop making them pls
kindly cease your pizza ways