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Sep 3, 2014
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This is a great idea, hope the thread can be kept active! :)
I saw a very similar Kurosaki in Portland this weekend. Same color handle, same k- tip shape, just 180mm. Kurosaki said the whitehouse chefs use those knives.

This is the front page of "couteauxjaponais" regarding smiths.

They do have a website and two shops. One in Paris , the other one in Reims .
Althougth i'd be happy to go to Reims and drink Champagne, it happens that my dear half works very close to the Paris shop, where i started holding Jknives before coming to this forum to ask for help choosing my first gyuto.

Description on the site isn't as much accurate than on this forum, so if members do need pictures, choil, blade thickness etc... I'd be able to go there and look for whatever is needed.

Just PM .
Ah , my camera isn't a top nocht one !
IMO, I actually like seeing Shigs on BST for higher prices. Means the market for quality J-knives is healthy and active and my lefty Shig suji has appreciated nicely. Just rewards for knife buyers who bought before the knives achieved rarity status. I'm pleased that I had snagged a Fujiyama, old Gengetsu, Kato, old KS and Shig when they were readily available. When/if I do sell, it'll rightly be for market value (I won't price gouge, but fair market value)—same as when I sell my apartment. Hopefully someone will pick up that Shig!
I just like them to Be used. And not collecting dust, just to Be sold for profit.
I hear you, personally I buy knives to use. However, I’ll bet that a significant percentage of clients of high end knife makers buying +$1k knives are collectors, good for the makers and market—rarity, authorship, mystique, hype, all valid reasons to buy in a luxury market. I.e. for the current going rate of a stock Kato, you could get a great custom, or other knives that are arguably better performers—Shigs and Katos et al have risen beyond the bang-for-buck category. I’ve resigned myself to the probability that I’ll never own a Shig, well past my means. I’m happy with my Mazaki.
Valuation is a tricky thing, which often baffles me, for instance you can buy a 180mm Cut Brooklyn gyuto in 52100 for $550, about the same price I bought my 240mm Kato for, go figure.
Apologies to thread starter for my rambling off topic.
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The copper 230 Primus already sold out.
I get it, love mine
Messerkontor showed the entire Primus line "in stock" in early November. I bought a Primus 2 gyuto without first talking to the store owner (Claudia) because I was scared they'd sell out quickly and I didn't want to waste time and miss out. Like I said, that was in early November.

After I PayPal:ed the money, I emailed asking about ETA. "Two or three weeks" I was told. A month later, I again asked for an ETA. "Two or three weeks" was again the answer. The owner said the delay was out of her control and was on the maker's end. That's no doubt true, and I'm glad I'm getting responses to my emails (even if the responses lack the details I'd prefer).

I'm still waiting, and will continue to wait, but the bottom line is: just because Messerkontor says something is in stock does not mean that it is, in fact, in stock (or even that it will be in stock).