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  1. cwk.v

    Withdrawn 270mm gyuto

    Looking for a 270mm gyuto with a heel height > 50mm. Ideally >52mm. Some considerations: - Blue > white/SG2 > other steels - Wa handle preferred - BNIB preferred - Would prefer <$750 Feel free to post or PM.
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 270mm CPM-M4 HSS Sujihiki (Semi Custom)

    Hello All, Here I have an absolute monster that I've been plugging away at here and there for a few months; a thicker suji in CPM-M4. This steel is an absolute beast to work with, but it takes a very resilient, long lasting and toothy edge. In the high alloy steels I've used, M4 feels the...