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  1. bshampton117


    FOR SALE: Used about 4 times in a home kitchen. Stropped but never stone sharpened. Purchased from CKTG in 2023. Has sat on my knife magnet for many months, but it is an awesome knife. Just thinning the collection. Superb fit and finish with gorgeous handle that feel great in the hand. Hefty and...
  2. BoostedGT

    SOLD BNIB Watanabe KU Gyuto Beasts 240mm and 270mm

    For Sale 2 brand new Kurouchi Watanabe Gyutos bought directly from Shinichi Watanabe around 2019, both knives are brand new in box. Both knives are Iron Clad with Blue #2 core. The 270 Specs: Height 59mm Thick 4.5mm at heel Weight 301gr Handle: D-shaped in ho wood with black buffalo horn...
  3. 1

    WTS Gesshin Uraku 300mm Yanagiba White #2

    Hello everyone, Bought this yanagiba from Japanese Knife Imports recently, used a few times, and decided that it was simply too long for my needs. In fact I just placed an order for a smaller sized one from them, same exact brand, because I really like this knife. 300mm, white #2 steel. JKI...
  4. cwk.v

    Withdrawn 270mm gyuto

    Looking for a 270mm gyuto with a heel height > 50mm. Ideally >52mm. Some considerations: - Blue > white/SG2 > other steels - Wa handle preferred - BNIB preferred - Would prefer <$750 Feel free to post or PM.
  5. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 270mm CPM-M4 HSS Sujihiki (Semi Custom)

    Hello All, Here I have an absolute monster that I've been plugging away at here and there for a few months; a thicker suji in CPM-M4. This steel is an absolute beast to work with, but it takes a very resilient, long lasting and toothy edge. In the high alloy steels I've used, M4 feels the...