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  1. eternal689

    WTS Simon Maillet 255mm Gyuto and Bazes Blades 210mm Chef/Suji

    Hello all, I'm looking to sell a couple knives that just haven't made it in my normal rotation so are basically just sitting on the block. Here is a link for the Simon Maillet which I purchased directly from the maker. I'm asking $425 for the Maillet. The Bazes I purchased from Bernal a couple...
  2. E

    WTB Bazes gyuto (BL: >= 200mm, BH: >= 50mm)

    In search of: Bazes gyuto Desired blade dimensions: length: >= 200mm height: >= 50mm Possible knives with which to directly trade or assist in "buying", please message me if interested: Holly Loftus (Loftus Knives—heel arrived SLIGHTLY damaged, she has offered to repair it, haven't yet...