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    WTS - EU FUJIWARA Denka WA Gyuto 240mm

    Have a bit of age and some patina, but in overall great conditioning 🙌🏻 Located in Denmark, so would prefer a EU sale, but send me a message and we will figure it out! Weigth: 201g Measurements 240mm x 54mm and 3mm wide closest to the handle. If you want more specs please let me know and i...
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    Withdrawn TF Denka and Jiro

    Hello fellow knife lovers, I've seen a lot of positive feedback and a bit of a hype about the TF Denka and Jiro Nakagawa knives. I am just checking to see if there is a way to get a nearly new / new Denka and/or Jiro blades. What would be a typical price range for these blades? I am interested...