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  1. rgar4012

    WTS Irongull, yoshimi, kagero, hado, nigara, Mainly petties cleanout!

    Hi everyone, need to sell some knives that aren't being used. All prices include $15 in shipping costs(should cover most of US). Will post more pics and details(sizes, weights, condition, etc) throughout the night. 1. Irongull petty/kobunka $215 136g 145mm tip to heel 2. Geshin Kagero wa petty...
  2. fritzdakitzla

    Bought HADO Blue 1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm

    Hey guys, fairly new to this forum but already love it here! I‘m looking for a HADO b1d gyuto in strictly 240mm. Preferably at least 5.6 or 5.7mm height at heel. Price based on condition and handle. Based in Germany so preferably looking to buy in the EU but willing to pay for int. shipping...
  3. C

    WTB Konosuke fm + Hado

    Hello KKF. Im trying to help a friend to find a 240 or 255 Konosuke fm fujiyama in any steel. New or used :) For myself im searching for a hado 240 Damaskus. bought! Im Living in Denmark so seller must be willing to ship to EU. Thanks for watching