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  1. Tailibaba

    Morihei 3k Green (Imanishi) vs Imanishi 3k White

    As I "guessed" that well known Morihei 3k Green is actually Imanishi 3k Green. Imanishi 3k green is lower grade version comparing to Imanishi 3k White (higher grade, mixed a lot of abbrasive materials, but also much more expensive). But they are both not hard. For me, they are a bit soft...
  2. J

    WTB - morihei 1k or imanishi 1k (AUS)

    Gday people, Putting out a bit of a feeler. wondering if anybody in AUS had either of these stones they potentially wanted to let go. Don’t really want to buy internationally as it’s quite a hassle. Either of these 2 would be cool. Morihei hishiboshi 1000 grit. Imanishi arashyama 1000...