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  1. T

    WTB Swedes + Kurosaki Chuka Bocho

    Hi fellow knifenerds! First post here in the thread. Looking to dip my toes into the western makers and especially the swedes, therefore I'm looking for a couple of blades/steels/smiths to try out: - Spare/Spåre Apex Ultra - Yu Kurosaki Chuka Bocho - Dalman - Isasmedjan 26c3/Apex Ultra -...
  2. cwk.v

    Traded /WTT - Isasmedjan Integral Honyaki Gyuto -- Catch & Release Steel: C105 Length: 245mm Height: 57mm Weight: 269g Ironwood handle 5mm out of bolster; middle: 2,36mm ; 1cm before tip: 0,6mm Switching this to a trade thread. Trade value of this knife...
  3. Scott

    SOLD Birch and Bevel Apex Ultra 230mm (Isasmedjan x Tobias Hangler)

    Hi KKF, For sale I have a Birch and Bevel Apex Ultra. Made in collaboration by Isasmedjan and Tobias Hangler. I actually quite like this knife. It's an amazing all round and midweight. Plus its a cool new-ish steel and really nice handle. Really like the birch bark. Selling because I'm...