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  1. TokushuKnife

    WTS Nakagawa Honyaki Re-stock - KKF15 discount applies at Tokushu Knife!

    We have been waiting a long time for a shipment of Nakagawa Honyaki knives, and our wait is over. We have the knife below featured on our homepage. KKF15 will give you an additional 15% off the sale price, and yes that is with the solid horn wa handle with black horn ferrule. If you have been...
  2. Se1ryu

    SOLD PRICE DROP! Nigara SG2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm (Aus)

    Selling Nigara Hamono SG2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm with teak & buffalo horn ferrule. Bought it from Shinsei a trusted knives store in Jakarta. Retail price convert to AUD around $500 AUD and I'm selling it for $485 AUD/ $330 USD $465 $455 $435 $370 AUD including PayPal G&S fees and free...