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  1. K

    WTS Spring Clean up- Kono FM 210mm & 240mm, Merion Forge San Mai Kurouchi gyuto

    Hey all, I've decided to let go of my other Kono FM's. Both are brand new in box, 210mm and 240mm Both are White #1 with Black Ebony black buffalo horn handle. This is the OG Konosuke FM before Myojin was comfortable with having his name revealed to the Public, that is why there is no "Fuji...
  2. bshampton117

    SOLD KONOSUKE HD2 240mm Gyuto Ebony handle

    Used twice in a home kitchen. Laser for sure. Beautiful fit and finish, as one expects from Konosuke. Very light. Purchased from Chef Knives To Go, November 2023. Construction: Mono Steel, Laser Cut Steel: HD2 Height above heel: 48.3mm Spine thickness at heel: 2.3mm Spine at middle of blade...