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  1. Scott

    SOLD TheNine 242mm Gyuto

    Not fully my cup of tea so I’m listing this. But was tempted to try/keep it. Looking to make a majority exit from collecting. I’d like to pair this (as a set) with the Ashitani I have listed - WTS - Ashitani Renge Suita - An Even Better Deal - For the Ashitani and Nine, I’m looking for...
  2. enrico

    Traded Yanick 240mm

    Hey everyone, got a few beauties here for you. As much as I like and respect Yanick’s work, I just prefer a meatier blade towards the edge on a blade this size. I'd keep this for sure if it were a bit smaller. I have a theme, if it's not perfect for me, it goes. I rarely grab for them as I...
  3. enrico

    WTB The Nine (thin convex or k-tip)

    Looking for something by Rob. Would be looking for a thin/convex gyuto or Bunka/k-tip. Also wouldn’t mind hearing about your suji/petty. Someone bless me, thanks. -Enrico