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  1. Censere

    WTS Okudo, Ohira Uchi, Shoubu, Maruo, Hideri

    Update: Major price decrease Selling some repeats. All performers, mostly hand picked in Japan. Some rarer stuff, but all affordable. Mostly in the condition that I bought them in, except a few demo runs & uses on the back side of the Maruo Mostly priced at a good discount or at my purchase...
  2. DHunter86

    WTS Rare Okudo Ao Renge Suita

    Holiday Sale A full-sized Okudo Ao Renge suita that is clean, hard, fine, and very fast cutting. Edges are toothy yet smooth off the stone, perfect for sharpening high-end tools and knives. Such complete and clean pieces of Okudo suita are very hard to come by these days. The stone itself is...