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  1. D

    WTT Raquin 276mm gyuto

    Hi folks, I would like to trade my Raquin as I have two with pretty much the same specs. Size: 276 x 56mm Weight: 255g 125sc thickness: 5mm at spine - 2mm - 1.7mm - 0.9 mm at tip Regular grind Here is the link to the webpage entry of the knife...
  2. pow_pow

    WTT Trade 240mm Raquin Gyuto for a smaller Raquin

    Hello knife friends, I'm offering a 240mm Raquin Gyuto for trade. I'm looking for a smaller Raquin Gyuto or Petty 170-210mm or Honesuki. No sale.... Steel 145sc Length 240mm Height about 52mm Weight approx. 215gr The knife originally had a satin finish, the Kasumi was made by me. Between...