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  1. eternal689

    WTS Simon Maillet Gyuto 255mm

    Hello all, I'm looking to sell a couple knives that just haven't made it in my normal rotation so are basically just sitting on the block. Both knives were purchased directly from the respective makers, both lightly used and not sharpened. I don't have the details on the Raquin anymore but here...
  2. D

    WTT Raquin 276mm gyuto

    Hi folks, I would like to trade my Raquin as I have two with pretty much the same specs. Size: 276 x 56mm Weight: 255g 125sc thickness: 5mm at spine - 2mm - 1.7mm - 0.9 mm at tip Regular grind Here is the link to the webpage entry of the knife...
  3. pow_pow

    WTT Trade 240mm Raquin Gyuto for a smaller Raquin

    Hello knife friends, I'm offering a 240mm Raquin Gyuto for trade. I'm looking for a smaller Raquin Gyuto or Petty 170-210mm or Honesuki. No sale.... Steel 145sc Length 240mm Height about 52mm Weight approx. 215gr The knife originally had a satin finish, the Kasumi was made by me. Between...