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  1. D

    WTS Catcheside Sujihiki 305mm BNIB dropped to 600

    Hi KKF, Next up for tonight is a large Catcheside Suji. Also this knife is fully unused. I got this this year but have one standard suji which I have been using -- such that this one never found its way on my board. Specs: 305 x 42mm 238g C105 steel (like all of his recent knives) san mai...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicardCutlery 165mm Wolfram Special San-mai Gyuto

    Hello All, I was testing out some new drawing dies and decided to put together this little one. It's low carbon clad Wolfram Special with lots going on between the carbon migration and the cladding itself. It has a fairly curvy profile up until the last 45mm or so by the heel and atypically for...
  3. M

    SOLD Xerxes San Mai 213mm

    Have had this for a bit but gets no use thanks to a similar sized Desrosiers hanging next to it. Xerxes, 213mm iron clad san mai blade with distal taper. Bog oak handle in a shield like shape,, extremely comfortable in your hand with a with copper ferule. 201grams, 52mm heel height, 355mm...