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  1. ptolemy

    SOLD * I Have a problem #2* - WTS: 12" Oxo Non-stick Fry / Saute Pan (5 of them)

    Here is my problem #2. I have 5 of these. All are brand new, BUT, shipping 1-2 of them is just not worth the cost of shipping... Is there a person who may want 5 of them? :) $115 delivered in CONus All are brand new. Never used. (obviously) Picture of 1 attached
  2. ptolemy

    SOLD 12" Bottega del Rame Copper Frying Pan w/ Lid (Unused, Tin lined)

    Ever since I got my 15" Mauviel Paella Pan (which I use as a frying pan), most of my other copper cookware is not being used. This one must go as well:) 12" Bottega del Rame Copper Frying Pan w/ Lid (Unused, Tin lined). It's hand hammered and made from .2.5mm copper (they will tell you that due...