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  1. Fireace07

    WTS Price Drop Masamoto Hongasumi Mirror Finish Sakimaru Takobiki330 &Masamoto Hongasumi takobiki price drop

    wants to sell both knifes shipping included, domestic shipping only sharpen a couple time use couple time, don't really used much, need to money. Masamoto hongasumi Mirror finished Sakimaru Tabobiki 330 asking $1000 original price was $1550 below is link for more details...
  2. D

    WTS WITHDRAWN. UK, Nigara ktip Gyoto in R2, BNIB

    Sale withdrawn, knife no longer available. Thanks folks. Selling this beautiful Nigara ktip Gyoto. Stainless clad with R2 core and rosewood handle. Very thin knife that will perform like a laser. This is BNIB, I have not cooked with it, just cut some paper to test OOTB sharpness. £285 new...
  3. PXL_20220125_101630176.jpg


    Nigara ktip Gyoto in Rw
  4. Beau Nidle

    230mm stainless gyuto

    Another knife for sale! I went monosteel on this one, RWL-34 heat treated to around 61-62HRC. The grind is kind of a workhorse towards the heel with a significant distal taper, but still chunky, if that makes sense. 230mm length 49mm height 230grams Spine thickness - 3mm at the handle, 2.7mm...