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  1. N

    How frequently do you destress your edges?

    So an interesting video popped up on Reddit, an old cliffstamp video showing a method of sharpening without purposefully creating a burr. He starts off by destressing the fatigued metal with a few light perpendicular cuts into the stone to remove the existing apex (like everyone’s favorite...
  2. Tailibaba

    My Set

    Good day, folks! Glad to be here!
  3. N

    WTB BBB stones. All grits.

    I should do something logical this holiday season, like take the time to photograph and measure my collection so I can prune it. But that sounds like the opposite of hoarding knives and it sounds like effort. I also sharpen 1-2 knives every 2-3 months, so OBVIOUSLY that means I need to chase...
  4. gentiscid

    Hard Aizu?

    Got this big boy “Aizu” from Auctions and gave it a try. Hard to build a slurry with no Atoma. Knife looked like didnt even sharpen, switched to Aoto and created slurry right away… left some scuffs (high) due to incosistency but at the end after stropping could slice tomato horizontally easy but...