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  1. A

    Found a single bevel on a Masamoto gyuto

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in the knowledge section or over here so mods please feel free to move this thread to the correct department if needed. So I got this vintage-ish looking Masamoto gyuto that had the insides of its tang hollowed out by corrosion. No the point, but might be a...
  2. BoostedGT

    Withdrawn Konosuke Fujiyama Single Bevel Collection - Sakimaru, Yanagiba, Mukimono, Mioroshi Deba

    Want to sell my Konosuke Fujiyama single bevel collection, all of these knives are Brand New, comes with box, I got Saya for the Deba and for the Yanagibas but not for the mukimono. Forged by Mr. Tanaka and Sharpened by Mr. Morihiro Konosuke Fujiyama Yanagiba 300mm Blue #1 with Khii Ebony...
  3. Q

    Who are reputable professional single-bevel sharpeners in the US?

    Who are the current reputable vendors/specialists in the US who sharpen/repair single-bevel knives? So far I'm aware of the forum's own Jon Broida at Japanese Knife Imports: Does anyone here have any experience with any others that they consider recommendable?