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  1. Miyamoto Musashi

    Natural stone polishing on semi-stainless steels?

    Has anyone here ever taken SKD or any other semi-stainless steels through a polishing progression? Was it a pain? Would be curious to hear other peoples’ experiences!
  2. D

    SOLD (UPDATED) Yoshikane SLD black damascus 210

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. The second one to come up is a Yoshikane SLD black damascus 210 (see pics below). I ordered this knife from Epic and used it for exactly one test cut — hence absolutely new. Measurements: 215 x 46 mm, 137g...
  3. Campbell

    SOLD Takeda 150 NAS Petty

    This is a Takeda 150mm petty in aogami super with stainless cladding and a nice maple handle. I bought it new, but haven't picked it up in many months. Its been used just a handful of times and has never been sharpened. It's thin and cuts well. $225 shipped CONUS.