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  1. Se1ryu

    WTS Suehiro RE-153 splash and go 300/1500 [Australia]

    I'm Selling my Suehiro splash and go 300/1500 combination whetstone. Comes with plastic base like in the picture & small nagura. 1500 grit side will give you mirror finish to your blade/ edge. Unlike cerax, this stone is true splash and go. Used it couple of times. AUS$ 75 including PayPal...
  2. rgar4012

    SOLD Free-ish suehiro stones - Merry Christmas

    Have a few suehiro stones that I'm not really using and would like the space for others. Hoping somebody can use these and preferably not just pick them up to resell them. I'm only looking for shipping costs. I see these as 2 sets probably, the 1k/6k combo and then the 320/800/5k. All stones are...