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  1. BenjaminEBell

    WTB Fujiwara Honesuki

    Hey guys, Found myself making tiramisu and it occurred to me that I desperately needed a TF Honesuki with a western handle. I know most TF’s are hung lovingly above the fireplace mantle or even enshrined with candles beneath a portrait of TF himself, but if anyone has one sitting in a drawer...
  2. J

    SOLD Fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm 375 USD custom wa handle (EU)

    Price drop 300 USD Selling a fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm. The handle is made by @letshandlethis And the nakiri just came back from spa treatment @sheffield_sharpening_shed The nakiri is better than new. Thinned and spine and choil rounded. The kasumi finish makes it super sexy😅 Looking...
  3. O

    SOLD TF nashiji santoku 165 mm

    Really nice affordable TF really closer to bunka… W1 in excellent condition. Asking $150 shipped to CONUS.