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    SOLD Hitohira Togashi White 1 damascus 240

    Catch and release. Bought this one a few weeks back together with alot other knives and i have to reduce my collection abit. Its a stunning knive but i prefer a widebevel from Togashi. Its BNIB Hitohira Togashi White 1 damascus 240 mm With ebony and White horn ferrule. 51mm Heel height...
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    SOLD Togashi Tosa Honyaki Gyuto 249mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling a Honyaki Gyuto by Togashi & Tosa, which was made for K&S a while ago. Those have a special profile designed for K&S and are quite hard to get nowadays. The knife is in amazing condition. I am the second owner and have not used the knife upon arrival. Specs: 249 x...