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  1. J

    Withdrawn Tanaka x Yohei

    Hello all! Looking for a BNIB Tanaka x Yohei 210mm or 240mm gyuto in Blue 1. Not too fussed about the handle, but am looking for kasumi finish. Looking for the lightest, laser-iest example I can find. Would also consider Takada 210mm and 240mm in kasumi, Suiboku (or HH at the right price). If...
  2. J

    Bought Y. Tanaka B1

    Hello knife enthusiast community! I am hoping to acquire a thinly ground (and light <180g) Y. Tanaka B1 240mm+ gyuto, with a slight preference for iron clad over stainless. I am opening up to different grinds, heights and styles (usually prefer flat and convex but am open to an especially thin...
  3. C

    SOLD Tanaka yohei blue1 - 240mm

    Hello. Since i never use this im putting it up for sale. Hitohira tanaka yohei 240mm blue 1 kasumi. 50 mm heelheight and 189 grams Its VERY lightly used and never been sharpened. I bought it from new and only used it a couple of times. NOTICE! Its has a very small stain close to the tip...