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SOLD Yanick, Billipp, Evan

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Dec 28, 2020
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Cincinnati, OH

Releasing a few more knives. Hopefully you find something that catches your eye. Will take $50 off the total if you buy 2, $100 off if you buy 3.

Yanick Nakiri - $1,095 $1,000 - SOLD
192x67, 238g

(From my WTT post) Picked this up from Eating Tools at the beginning of October. I'm just not quite connecting with the low bevel (low compared to most of his gyutos). Used the knife on 2 sweet potatoes and an onion and has 2 spots of patina starting. Food release was decent but a little slow through the thickest part of the sweet potato. Has solid forward balance and nice weight to it.

Here is the link to the Eating Tools listing as well as a couple current pictures below. I haven't sharpened or even stropped the edge.

Asking $1,095 (what I paid) $1,000 shipped CONUS, +$50 international

Billipp Gyuto - $2,250 $2,150
228x60, 275g

This is his most recent IG knife. Despite the weight this thing cuts more like an all-around blade vs. a WH style. Nice thin tip and tall convex grind. Unfortunately I think I like his WH stuff better… Wanted to note I managed to scuff the left side putting the initial edge on the knife and will reduce the price to atone for my sins. It’s been sharpened only that first time with a bbw. Steel is 52100 and handle is ironwood.

Paid $2,600, asking $2,250 $2,150 shipped CONUS, +$50 international

Evan Antzeberger Honyaki - $750 $700 SOLD
225x57, 288g

Workhorse grind with a nicely tapered tip. The grind is very well done focusing on ease of cutting at the tip and more food release towards the heel. It’s big time eye candy with the ku, hamon, and crazy banding. Aggressive forward balance. Steel is 135cr3, handle is a right handed D-shape made out of African Blackwood. Purchased on bst here.

Asking $750 $700 shipped CONUS, +$50 international

Wakui 210 WH - $400 - SOLD
219x54, 265g

Ordered from JNS a couple weeks ago based on how much I liked the older WH knives. Surprised myself and am going to stick with the smaller, older 210 model so this one has to go. Only used for a few test cuts. White 2 steel, D shaped right handed handle.

Asking $400 shipped CONUS, +$50 international

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I can only recommend yanick’s nakiri; if I hadn’t one I’ll be on it for sure. Besides, the seller is a really great guy, you can buy with confidence.
GLWS mate !