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  1. ashy2classy

    Show your newest knife buy

    Haven't sharpened it, and likely won't for a while because Kasumi Kev makes 'em murder sharp!
  2. ashy2classy

    SOLD TF Denka 270mm Western Gyuto

    Sold. Thanks, KKF and buyer!
  3. ashy2classy

    SOLD TF Denka 270mm Western Gyuto

    Description Bought direct from TF in the last 6 months. Had it thinned by Andrew (@Forty Ounce ) and it's now a cutting machine. However, I'd like it to be a bit more blade heavy so I'm putting it up for sale to potentially find another that fits my preferences better or putting it towards...
  4. ashy2classy

    Show your newest knife buy

    First new knife in a while... Kemadi bulat 270mm gyuto. Handle curly mango+A. blackwood by Graydon. 273 x 55 @ 307g
  5. ashy2classy

    SOLD WTS Kato workhorse/Shig/Ikeda Suminagashi

    Damn missed that Ikeda!!! Congrats! Crazy good prices. Sure hope these don't get flipped...
  6. ashy2classy

    SOLD 240 Toyama noborikoi custom handle

    If someone wants a heavier iron clad 240 this is your chance. I'd wager even without the custom handle the blade is noticably heavier than newer versions. GLWS!
  7. ashy2classy

    SOLD Dalman 275mm AEB-L

    Dude you're unloading a ton of major blades!!!
  8. ashy2classy

    WTS Kagekiyo 270mm

    Thanks! GLWS!!!
  9. ashy2classy

    WTS Kagekiyo 270mm

    BROOOO! What are the specs? I'm looking for one that's 260+. Edge length and weight would be great, if you don't mind! TIA!
  10. ashy2classy

    WTS Comet Nakiri , Milan big Gyuto

    For anyone on the fence, I would assume Milan Gravier's knives are similar to Yanick Puig's knives, and Yanick's work is AMAZING! I've never tried one from Milan, but it seems like French makers are doing things RIGHT. Check out both below. These things get snatched up in minutes when they're...
  11. ashy2classy

    Toyama Love

    Toyama fanboy here. My 300 IC suji 270 honyaki gyuto 270 dammy gyuto 240 IC gyuto 210 IC nakiri 150 IC petty aren't going anywhere. Really wish I could find a 180 dammy petty to complete the set.
  12. ashy2classy

    SOLD Kippington Workpony

    This used to be mine. I'm really tempted to buy it back.