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    USPS help

    The worse experience ever with USPS. Missing package alwaus show statue of processing in sort facility. after contact them etc. just can' find the parcel back. end up did the refund. that was terriable feeling after 2 month waiting for the parcel.
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    WTS Kurouchi kato STD 240mm

    BNIB Standard kurouchi finish kato gyuto 240mm looking for trade gyuto from desrosier, burke, devin, or straight sell for price USD 1800 include shipping.
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    SOLD Sell kato std 240mm BNIB sold

    Hello everyone: I have 3 pieces of kato std 240mm BNIB. One is white steel. Two of them are blue steel. Just going to sell 2 of them. Keep last one for myself. The smaller handle one is white steel. On the left side. All the retailer increase price to another level now. Sorry about the price...
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    WTS Wanna sell STD kato 240mm blue steel.

    Forgot to mention is brand new without any touch. And nowadays kato not come in with box.........
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    WTS Wanna sell STD kato 240mm blue steel.

    Hello everyone: Just wanna sell the kato 240mm blue steel standard for 1000USD plus shipping. Locate in Australia sydney. There is no box. Will use the other box and packed carefully for shipping. Spec: Length: 231mm Heel height: 50mm. Width on the back of heel: 6mm. Photos: Sorry...
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    Blade Show June 2019

    Awesome!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!
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    Blade Show June 2019

    Curious how to order knife from Takeshi iwai. Is that possible let me know the website or contact details. Thanks so much.
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    Feedback on Hiromune Takaba knives?

    Just for looking. The knife cuts pretty bad . Thick behind the edge. Wedging issue etc.
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    SOLD Marko Tsourkan PM2 Gyuto

    Oh I am just curious the specific name of the steel. For example like AEBL. Off course AEBL not belong to PM2 steel category.
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    SOLD Marko Tsourkan PM2 Gyuto

    Just curious what kind of steel? AEBL?
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    WTS Bryan Raquin Gyuto

    Really wanna know the length and height. Thanks so much. Bruce
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    Super Steels vs Regular Steels

    Really appreciate this. Cheers