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  1. Jville

    WTB Shigefusa kurouchi Nakiri 210

    I want one too.
  2. Jville

    SOLD Goldeband 1.2519

    Sexy thing
  3. Jville

    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Nice video. I love green papaya salad and hadn’t seen it cut like that, makes sense. I’ll have to try it.
  4. Jville

    Unpopular opinions

    I think He approves. I can see it in his eyes.
  5. Jville

    Unpopular opinions

    You went through all that masculinity shaming just to say, you don’t like santokus. Just be secure enough in your masculinity to say santokus are for girls I don’t know that Judi chop to that hard squash through the stem with the watanabe was impressive. I would take my chances with you...
  6. Jville

    Massdrop III: Kamon

    Yeah, definetely have a uniqueness and oozes craftsmanship.
  7. Jville

    WTS Stolen account!!!!!

    PM sent
  8. Jville

    Bidinger B-Grind

    I saw the vid. What I meant was did you try doing a chop with the bgrind on the onion instead of a push cut.
  9. Jville

    SOLD Takeda AS kiritsuke 240

    240 nakiri?? I thought my 210 Toyama nakiri was a beast. I’d like to see this thing.
  10. Jville

    WTS Mert Tansu SC125 Honyaki

    I cleaned off the patina. I had dipped it in vinegar and ended up cleaning it up again and sprayed a little lemon juice water mixture but I ended up cleaning again. Nothing really done with it here besides cleaning it with sone bkf and wiping with cape cod polishing cloth. But you can see...
  11. Jville

    Show your newest knife buy

    Genius, you may have cracked the code. Now when you get new knives just plant a cigarette somewhere and cone up with a creative story or just get all knives from maxim
  12. Jville

    Box showoff thread

  13. Jville

    Bidinger B-Grind

    Have you tried chopping the onion with the bgrind? I thought you might be able to pull off the onion staying intact with the bgrind knife, anyways nice video.