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    WTS Aoto from bernal

    PM sent
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    WTS Mert Tansu 250 Blue #2 Honyaki

    Mark you need this. It's a must have for your collection. Where do you find a Blue 2 Honyaki ??
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    SOLD Some Oldies...

    Haha. Me too. Projects I never got to and probably not anytime soon.
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    Second Western Rehandle

    If you can do a wa handle this is cake
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    SOLD Martell CPM154

    Yes, it's stainless. It was very popular as high-end stainless. It was used a lot by Benchmade and more popular with kitchen knives in the past. You may find more information looking up 154CM (non-powdered version). ATS-34 (Hitachi version). Also known as RWL-34 (Damasteel).
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    SOLD Comet Gyuto Honyaki 220x50

    For what it's worth. I am almost certain the handle material is stabilized Bastogne Walnut from Rockin Blocks
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    My favorite color is USED .......the unvarnished patina thread!

    How is this different than the stickied patina thread?
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    Yusuke stainless, what type of steel is it?

    I have zero evidence but was led to believe it was 19C27. It was my understanding the extra hard and extra thick/thin versions were the knives from batches that were outside of the normal variances. A beneficial error. In the end it didn't matter what stainless it was to me. It sharpened easy...
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    SOLD Gyuto 220mm Elmax + cruo

    Andrei makes a great knife. I had a chance to use one for a while and it performs well.
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    Android app

    I am getting the same "The forum is not available..." message when I launch the app
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    SOLD Kurosaki wa-gyuto w/Ian Rogers handle

    Yes, this was Marc's knife. It's a beautiful handle especially with the stainless bolster. I had a chance to purchase it but it's far too long for me. Whoever gets this is getting a great knife. GLWS.
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    Konosuke YS

    The YS is the favorite knife of the owner of Ai & Om knives. He's a former chef turned knife retailer if that helps. His go to was an HD for years until the YS was released. He convinced me to buy it but I didn't have the coin. It's a stiff stout blade compared to the much thinner Konosukes.
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    SOLD Comet big gyuto in 52100

    Another Comet supporter here. Love my two. This is a forged one too which makes the asking price a killer deal.
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    WTS Kochi V2 225mm Gyuto SOLD

    I just picked up a 210 and would have preferred this