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    Toughness of CPM-154

    That's more related to grind than anything else
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    Shingata Akamon 1k or Red brick 1k experiences?

    The akamon is a soaker stone. Every time. I'd leave it submerged personally Surprised you dislike the king 300. I will admit though mine did need a good lapping ootb. Had a very friable surface contrary to what everyone said of it. Once past that layer it's probably my favorite water stone
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    Curious about slurry

    Fast and curryous?
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    I know edge leading will lead to micro chipping as the grit particles are going to be proud from the surface. But taping the spine....... If you are supposed to lay a razor flat on a stone then obviously the spine is your angle holder. If the edge moves towards the spine but spine thickness...
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    I agree with the above post. Everyone does things differently and that is not laughable. person I think using a coticule is ridiculous as I can do it in 1/10 the time with other means. Doesn't mean one way the other is wrong. I am still in the strong camp that taping the spine is absolutely...
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    Curious about slurry

    Curry is a serious business. Ok, to the thread then.....I generally wash away slurry unless I'm polishing. I prefer to use a clean stone and rinse ofter
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    Curious about slurry

    It can work very well to thicken sauces. Especially in a wok
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    1st pistol

    I will agree with an above post to not forget about a good revolver. Bullet shape or power level don't affect it. Doesn't jam. If there's a failure with a round just squeeze the trigger for the next one. And if it's not dead in five or six shots you're in trouble
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Ah ok. Thanks
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Oh I'm honestly wasn't looking for a fight or an argument. It was just a little ambiguous to me anyway what was meant as either a positive or a negative when you quoted me
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    lets have a new razor thread.

    Was that response at me? Was there something wrong or mis informative about my post?
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    Best edge for a beater knife?

    60 grit is fine. You're removing metal to remove chips and a thick edge. You want as course of a belt as you can find. They grind faster and cooler. 36 grit is even better!
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    Best edge for a beater knife?

    Good idea it is time to give up. One day you should get yourself a belt grinder just for this type of work. They are very handy
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    Looking to buy my first knife...

    I'd go with a jck nature's blue moon. Nice and thin with a blue core and stainless sides. Very pretty, and nice handle. Very affordable. Edge retention has been good
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    if you were allowed to only have 1 stone...

    I prefer 3k myself. Must be the right one though