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    Anyone bought a Teruyasu Fujiwara knife from their store in Tokyo, in person?

    yes.. make sure to inspect every knife before buying about every 12-15, there is at least one passable condition one.. I wish I am joking but I am not the goods ones are great but plenty of questionable grind/finish ones
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    Kurouchi suji - any benefits?

    not having to deal with rust issues (less but not none) is a plus for me
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    Shig alert

    The Fugu has always been the most expensive standard offering from Shigefusa. You really need to hold one to see how amazing it is. its as light as a feather.
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    Teruyasu Fujiwara personnel change?

    one of the smiths left along with the front of house to start their own brand
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    WTB Shigefusa Kasumi Usuba

    if you need a kitaeji one, i might have a spare
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    SOLD Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240 gyuto

    The WH is taller and has more belly than the standard. It's a customised profile for JNS It would be very rare to find a standard 240mm above 51-52mm
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    Hiromoto knife

    its not the hiromoto from seki
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    WTB Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240

    I have Standard B2s if you are after that
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    Kato Kurouchi vs. Kasumi

    The scarcity., my Kasumi gyutos outnumber my KU Gyutos. The ratio is about 2-3 for every KU. The Morehei Kato knives are basically the same as a standard except the Kao is different on the kanji. Morehei openly tells people that the kanji is special. Don’t believe any talk of special grind...
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    SOLD 240mm Kato Ku Morihei

    he started making blue for gyutos about the mid 2018 mark. These wooden blocks for Morehei only appeared in the last 12 months maybe. Anything before that point did not have them.
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    SOLD 240mm Kato Ku Morihei

    May be similar but not the exact one. The markings and scratches on a KU is like fingerprint. Almost impossible to find two with identical markings, etc
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    SOLD 240mm Kato Ku Morihei

    the box says blue... the original w2 ones never came with the signed wooden block
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    Single bevel petty - where?

    Shigefusa made them