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    SOLD Birgersson Western Handle 250mm Gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my western handle Birgersson -- purchased around January from his webpage drop. The knife is in new condition -- used upon arrival for 1 carrot to test cut. Does not show patina, and was not stropped / touched up. The measures are 249 x 59 208g I paid 550 to my door, I...
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    WTS Tansu 270 gyuto / Birgersson 250 gyuto

    Hey KKF, I am selling two of my knives here. Click in for higher-res pictures. First up is a gyuto by Mert with wrought iron cladding The knife was used for 2 full meals (2 onions, some carrots, a portion of sprouts and maybe 2-3 bellpeppers), and was never stropped or sharpened. Hence, the...