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WTS Tansu 270 gyuto / Birgersson 250 gyuto

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hey KKF,

I am selling two of my knives here. Click in for higher-res pictures.

First up is a gyuto by Mert with wrought iron cladding

The knife was used for 2 full meals (2 onions, some carrots, a portion of sprouts and maybe 2-3 bellpeppers), and was never stropped or sharpened. Hence, the knife is close to new, modulo the patina from the onions. The wrought iron clad is really nice, and has a cloudy texture (see pics below). The handle is a very beautiful high contrast piece of ironwood. The knife is an exceptional cutter, has a very slight right bias (not really noticeable on the board), and tapers really thinly towards edge and tip. Mert described it as a workhorse, but I don't really agree and find this a quite good mid-weight blade.


San mai wrought iron clad

Steel is 26c3

270 x 61 mm


Tapering from 4 - 2.3 - 1.1 - 0.8 mm

I paid 1050 USD and am asking for 850 USD back.

Pictures from Webpage:

My own shots:

Next up is a gyuto by Birgersson with iron clad [SOLD]

I bought the knife here

and have only used the knife once for one meal. Hence, the knife is exactly like in the condition I received it in from Matteo. The knife has a working finish (nothing crazy), and came with some slight scratches. From the cutting feel I really enjoy this knife and would rate it among my best 5 cutters. Despite the beefy spine, the knife tapers strongly and glides totally effortlessly through foods. I am selling it only because I have a custom coming in from Birgersson in May.

Specs (copy paste from the original ad):

San mai iron clad

Spicy white

250 x 58 mm


I paid 425 USD and am asking for 400 USD back.

Pictures from Matteo can be found in the link above.

My own shots:

I ship globally and pay for half of the shipping costs.

Thanks and have a great day!
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