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  1. J

    SOLD Top quality handles!

    Hey again! Looking to sell three handles and do so as quickly as possible; bundle prices are set to reflect that! Amboyna 1 (dark) - $60USD (130mm) Amboyna 2 (light) - $65USD (135mm) African Blackwood - $70USD (145mm) Buy any two for $110USD and all three for $160USD using PayPal GS (or ask...
  2. J

    SOLD Handles: Ebony, African Blackwood, Amboyna Burl

    Selling some handles that I do not anticipate using / needing. All are top quality, well made and gorgeous wood / horn. No gaps or defects that I can detect. Love them all but they are surplus to need. - African Blackwood ($75 $70) [SOLD] - Mun Ebony ($75 $70) [SOLD] - Amboyna Burl ($70 $60)...